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Effective Tips when Editing Your College Application Essay
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The editing and proofreading part may seem boring and taxing to many writers, but it is just as crucial as writing the content of your essay.
Think of a wedding gift: it may be a something that is worth thousands, but when wrapped in a sleazy packaging, do you think the recipient would be delighted upon seeing it? When the admissions officers see that not a single punctuation is misplaced or there is no grammar error, they’ll see the admission essay as beautifully wrapped and consider you as a serious applicant they want to have in their school.

Checking for technical errors in your admission essay

Technical errors here include grammar mistakes, misplaced punctuations, and poor sentence construction. If you are so inclined, you can use a grammar checker and spellchecker, but it is really a bad idea if you will rely solely on them. In going over each line, use a ruler so you won’t skip anything and will be more focused on checking for errors. Editing requires much concentration, so you must find a perfect place to edit your written piece without distractions. Go over the essay several times until you’re confident that it doesn’t have a single trace of technical error.

Checking for logic and coherence errors in your admission essays

Part of editing is reviewing the non-technical aspects of your paper. Review the coherence and logic of the statements. Is there a part that goes in circles? Either remove it or rephrase it. If a certain part looks like it contains a fallacy, analyze it
carefully word after word. Checking, proofreading, and editing are laborious tasks in making sure that your admission essay is acceptable. You cannot skip these steps if you want to give your college application a boost and a definite advantage over other candidates.



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