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How to Add a Touch of Humor in Your Essay
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There is always enough room for both humor and wit in a student?s personal statement. Adding a touch of humor here and there might just help you come up with an effective personal statement that would earn you the admissions ticket. Incorporating an ounce of sense of humor in your writing will automatically connect you to your readers.

Knowing when to add humor to your essay

However, you should also know when to add humor and when not to. It is important that even if you inject a little of sense humor in your writing, make sure that you do not go overboard and become too personal with your readers. Doing so might backfire on your application, which could break your plans of going into that school.

Tips in adding humor to your essay

Adding humor to a group of words can be a difficult task for students writing their personal statements for their school application. However, if you truly want to create an impact on your personal statement, adding humor to your essay could just do the trick. You may add quotes and anecdotes in your personal statement to grab the attention of your readers, as well as hold heir interest. Another way of adding humor to your personal statement is by simply making your essay very interesting
for your readers and eventually bringing your essay to a close that surely will pose a big bang.

Other things to keep in mind when adding humor to your essay

It is good to be serious when writing your personal statement; however, also allow for some hilarious experiences or sentences in your essay. This will break the monotony of your essay. With the so many personal statements the admissions panel has to read, you would do them the favor in making your admissions essay a very interesting one.



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